Chlorine - Good or Bad?

Chlorination and Christchurch have been making headlines in recent times due to the area having Chlorine added to its water since early 2018.

So what happened to Christchurch? 

In 2018, engineers discovered some below-ground well-heads that may not be properly sealed.

Well sealed well-heads are necessary to protect water from contamination, therefore any damage or lack of seal can make the pure water passing through vulnerable to pollution from dirty surface groundwater. As such Chlorine was added to minimise any risk of water contamination while these well-heads are being fixed.

On the other hand, for areas such as Hastings, Auckland and Queenstown Chlorine has been added to the water supply since the Havelock North crisis where over 5000 people became ill due to water contamination in 2016, most likely from farm animal excrement. Chlorine was added as a precautionary measure to minimise any risks. 

What does Chlorine do?

Chlroine is a disinfectant added to water to kill bacteria, viruses and other living organisms that may find their way into the water system and can cause illness. 

Due to the number of incidents in recent years, many councils are looking to implement Chlorination as a permanent process, as it minimises contamination through other incidents such as weather and damaged infrastructure.

Is Chlorine bad for us?

Chlorine is not harmful to our body (swimming pools have Chlorine added for hygiene purposes), however it can add an unpleasant taste and smell to your drinking water, which can discourage water consumption, especially in young children. 

So if the Chlorine smell and taste are stopping you and your family from achieving your daily hydration needs, there is an easy solution - BRITA. BRITA filtration can remove up to 99% of chlorine in your drinking water. And it's made of activated carbon from natural coconut shells that can transform tap water to fresh tasting, cleaner water, as intended by mother nature!

Whilst BRITA Jugs are a great way to keep up your water intake at home. The BRITA filtered water bottles great for when you are on the go, ensuring you have filtered water anytime, anywhere. 

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