The perfect coffee starts with the perfect water

The secret to making amazing coffee starts with high- quality water. Dark or light roast, Colombian or Ethiopian, espresso or ristretto, whatever your brewing the main ingredient is water.

So, what does this mean for your coffee? Your water can have a major impact on your coffee’s flavor and aroma profile – after all, a cup of coffee is 98% H2O. Exceptionally hard or soft types i.e. with high or low mineral content can result in unpleasantly bitter or bland brews.

Don’t fret coffee lovers, BRITA has a solution for you!

BRITA’s wide selection of products suit every household, workplace, and budget. From water filter taps to the family favorite Marella Jug, BRITA’s filters features the unique microflow technology formulated specially to provide expert levels of filtrations for different water conditions resulting in great tasting, sustainable drinking water for the family.

Don’t believe us, experience it for yourself. You’ll thank us later.

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