On Tap Advanced filter
On Tap Advanced filter
On Tap Advanced filter
On Tap Advanced filter
On Tap Advanced filter

On Tap Advanced filter

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  • Reduces 99.99% bacteria, chemicals such as chlorine and pesticides, metals, taste impairing substances and other impurities*
  • One filter provides up to 600 litres of filtered water (approx. 4 months)
  • Compatible with the Advanced On Tap System



      The BRITA On Tap Filter consists of activated carbon pearls, which reduces taste and odour impairing substances like chlorine, as well as impurities such as pesticides, herbicides, hormones and pharmaceutical residues*. The Ion Exchange fiber reduces metals such as lead and the hollow fiber membrane filters particles reduce micro plastics and 99.99% of bacteria*.

       * if found in tap water


      Weight 0.13 kg
      Dimensions 6.10 (w) x 6.10 (d) x 9.30 (h) cm


      How do I replace my filter?

      • Screw off cap by rotating anticlockwise 
      • Take out used filter cartridge
      • Insert new filter cartridge
      • Screw cap back on by rotating clockwise until it locks

      Does this fit into both On Tap systems?

      No. The Advanced On Tap filter is only compatible with the Advanced On Tap Filter System. Click here for more information.

      How often should I replace the filter?

      The filter should be replaced after 600L of use (approx. 4 months)


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