Filter Taps

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BRITA has a range of tap water filter options offer long lasting filtration and are easy to install. Each tap is designed to suit your kitchen while providing better water quality using either an on-tap filter mount or an Undersink filter.

The BRITA filter taps reduce any substances that can affect the taste and smell of your drinking water including chemicals such as chlorine. There are semi-permanent options like the faucet mount to more permanent installation options. It provides the same level of filtration and can simply be attached to your existing tap at home. Each of the BRITA tap options offer easy access to filtered water in your home, improving the water quality being provided to you and your family. Both provide hot, cold and filtered water on demand.
The BRITA filtered water tap exclusively provides filtered water that can be installed alongside your existing tap or on its own. The on tap filter mount is a different water filtering system as it is above sink filter and doesn’t require installation – perfect for those who are renting space and require convenient filtration. The system filters the water after it comes from your tap. All BRITA filter taps are designed for easy installation.