Jugs & Cask

The BRITA water filter jugs range offer different water solutions to suit your household needs. Each jug has a different design and capacity to fit your family’s water consumption needs, from 2.3L for smaller households up to 8.2L litres for larger households, small offices or camping. The 2.4L jugs range conveniently fit in your fridge door, whereas the larger range of jugs and cask are suited to the shelf in your fridge. One of the unique features of BRITA jugs and casks is the filter timer in the top lid – the indicator will remind you when it’s time to replace the filter. The indicator will vary depending on the filter jug design and will indicate when it is time to change your filter. All jugs and cask include one MAXTRA+ filter in pack which will provide up to 150L or 4 weeks of cleaner filtered drinking water. Using filtered water means peace of mind when drinking water protecting your appliances from limescale build-up.