The BRITA water filters are an easy way provide you and your family with the best option for drinking water. Our range of high quality filters effectively reduces invisible elements that can affect the taste, smell and quality of your water at home. Specifically, these elements can include free and bound chlorine content (if present) and carbonate hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) in the mains water (if present). In other words, it acts as a “water softener” which is particularly important in parts of New Zealand where hard water is present. BRITA Water Filtration also diminishes heavy metals such as lead and copper in drinking water which can be increased depending on your area’s water and the pipes in your home.

All jugs and bottles include a MAXTRA+ filter to get you started. Each filter can filter up to 150L or 4 weeks of water, therefore it’s important to replace your filter on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance.