The MAXTRA+ filter is getting phased out. Depending on stock, you may receive the new MAXTRA PRO. Find out more

Brita Water NZ

Reduce your impact on single-use plastic bottles

30 day money back guarantee

What’s in the box?

1 x A1000 filter

product details

  • Compatible with BRITA filter taps and undersink filter kits 
  • Efficiently reduces bacteria, chemicals, metals, and other taste affecting impurities
  • Single filter effective for up to 6 months of use
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Turn on the taste with BRITA’s permanent water filter systems which provide pure and fresh tasting water on demand! The BRITA A1000 filter reduces substances such as chlorine, fine particles such as rust and sand to provide you with cleaner, clearer, great tasting water for hot and cold drinks, and delicious food.

This filter is only compatible with BRITA filter taps and undersink filter kits and can be replaced easily without help from a plumber.


Why choose the BRITA A1000?

Fresh filtered water on demand

Good for you, better for the environment

Say goodbye to single-use plastic bottles


Before you reach for BRITA, find all the answers to your questions here.

For over 50 years, BRITA is world famous for water filter jugs and water optimisation. Australian household water from the tap is compliant and safe, but may contain chlorine, heavy metals and other sediments which can affect water taste, smell and clarity.

BRITA water filters are designed to:

• Reduce free and bound chlorine content if present.

• Reducing carbonate hardness and act as a “water softener” where hard water is present.

• Help filter out metals such as lead and copper which may be found from dirty or damaged mains.

Yes, all BRITA filter cartridges are safe, and are produced with high quality and safety standards. Each filter is made of food grade materials, and are harmless if accidentally consumed.

1. Fill some cool water into a jug or bowl. Soak the BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge in the water and shake gently to remove any air bubbles.

2. Insert the cartridge into the BRITA jug's funnel, then run a litre of water through the filter two times.

3. After discarding the first two fills, the BRITA MAXTRA+ cartridge is ready to use.

1. Before use, place under running water and lightly rub the sides with your clean fingers for approximately 30 seconds to remove any loose carbon dust present.

2. Install into the jug or bottle, ready to use.

BRITA recommends replacing MAXTRA+ filters every 4 weeks, or every 150 litres of use for best results.

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