White|Marella Jug White 2.4L
White|Marella Jug White 2.4L
White|Marella Jug White 2.4L

Filter Exchange Timer Black - 4 Weeks

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  • Compatible with:
  •      - Marella and Marella XL Jug

         - Aluna and Aluna XL Jug

         - Navelia Jug

         - Optimax Cask

         - Flow Cask

         - Fun Jug

         - Mind Carafe


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    The BRITA memo will need to be replaced if the battery has reached the end of its lifetime. This timer indicates approximately how long the filter has left. Each of the bars represents a week of the filter's lifetime and one will disappear each week. Once all bars have disappeared, the filter will need to be replaced.


    How do I replace it?

    Simply the used memo using a flat-head screwdriver in the indent near the timer and insert the new one in its place.

    Do I need the same colour as my original timer?

    No, there is no difference in performance between the black timer and the white timer.


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