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What’s in the box?

1 x On Tap V-MF filter

product details

  • For use with the BRITA On Tap Advanced water filter system
  • The 5-step filtration stops 99.99% of bacteria and reduces finest microparticles, chlorine and other odour and taste-impairing substances such as lead & copper
  • Easy filter exchange: just unscrew, pull out & replace the cartridge. Ready to go for 600L of freshly filtered water.

The plug-in water filter for 99,99% bacteria-free water - for everybody who wants to enjoy pure, tasty water right from their tap!

With an advanced filtration technology that beside bacteria reduces also metals like lead & copper, odour- and taste-impairing substances like chlorine, finest mircoparticles > 0,5µm & other impurities which might be contained in your tap water. To make it short: it ensures you fresh & great-tasting water whenever you need it.

And the filter exchange? It's a breeze! Just unscrew the lid, take out the old filter & insert the new one. Each filter provides up to 600L of filtered water, saving you time & money on bottled water. Sustainability made easy!

Whether enjoying a refreshing glass of water, cooking or cleaning vegetables & fruits, the BRITA On Tap is a great addition to any kitchen. Enjoy tasty, bacteria-free water right from your tap. It just feels good!

Be part of the change. Because every plastic bottle counts.
With every BRITA product, you are actively helping to reduce the number of plastic bottles that could end up in waste. The carbon footprint of BRITA filtered water is already up to 25x smaller than for bottled water. But we are constantly working on making it even smaller. And among other things, we believe that the shift to using more sustainable materials in our products, like bio-based plastics, plays a critical role in reducing our dependency on fossil fuels & helps to reduce carbon emissions.

BRITA provides sustainable drinking water solutions and is the world's No. 1 for drinking water filters. German Quality & Design - since 1966. 

This filter is only compatible with the BRITA On Tap Advanced system

Weight - 0.12 kg
Product Dimensions - 6.2 (w) x 6.2 (d) x 9.3 (h) cm

How it works

Just 4 easy steps to set up your BRITA On Tap V-MF System

Step 1

Unscrew the nut on the top of the BRITA On Tap V-MF system

Step 2

Remove the bottom of your kitchen tap and attach the adapter provided from the kit

Step 3

Attach the On Tap V-MF system to the adapter

Step 4

Screw the nut in place then your BRITA On Tap V-MF System is ready!


Why choose a BRITA On Tap System?

Good for you, better for the environment

Fresh filtered water on demand

Reduces 99.999% of bacteria


Before you reach for BRITA, find all the answers to your questions here.

For over 50 years, BRITA is world famous for water filter jugs and water optimisation. Australian household water from the tap is compliant and safe, but may contain chlorine, heavy metals and other sediments which can affect water taste, smell and clarity.

BRITA water filters are designed to:

• Reduce free and bound chlorine content if present.

• Reducing carbonate hardness and act as a “water softener” where hard water is present.

• Help filter out metals such as lead and copper which may be found from dirty or damaged mains.

Yes, all BRITA filter cartridges are safe, and are produced with high quality and safety standards. Each filter is made of food grade materials, and are harmless if accidentally consumed.

The BRITA On Tap filter has a capacity of 600L. We recommend to exchange the filter after a lifetime of 4 months.

It is only possible to filter cold water between 5-23 °C. Otherwise the filter cartridge and / or its components could be damaged. The settings for unfiltered water can be used with hot water.

The BRITA On Tap filter can only filter bacteria when an BRITA On Tap V-MF cartridge is inserted. It filters then 99.99% of all bacteria which are > 0,2µm.

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