Water Flow Restrictor Disc

Water Flow Restrictor Disc

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  • Compatible with:
  •      - On Tap Filter Mount connector

  • Replacement washer for high pressure systems
  • Prevents pressure damage 

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    The BRITA On Tap Filter Mount Connector contains a diverter to switch between filtered and unfiltered water settings on the system. This part can replace the current connector on your system if it has become worn or damaged. 


    What is this used for?

    The flow restrictor disc is used to reduce high water pressure to better suit the on tap connector.

    How do I know if the pressure is high?

    To find out if your pressure is high, fill a 1 litre container from your normal tap and time how long it takes to fill. If it takes less than 15 seconds to fill, your pressure is above 6 bar so please use the Water Flow Restrictor Disc in the connector. 

    How do I install the disc?

    1. Remove rubber washer from housing

    2. Replace original washer with the Water Flow Restrictor Disc


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